In the production of all my artwork, and in the attempt to appropriate different kinds of spaces that exist in the world, I use as methods and procedures walk, collect, demarcate, classificate and reorganize. In and through these processes I encrypt the materiality display of all my work, as if, with these movements, erratic and superlatively planned, I would to recognize, redefine and interpret the world.
It is through the decontextualization of supervening materials –objects, narratives, aesthetic, historical, socials, geographical, psychological, cultural, and so on – and its intermingling according to certain “game’s rules”, that I pretend the regulated rearrangement produce an unexpected story, both materially and literary, distinct and even contradictory to our daily way of perceiving things.
Then, I use the relationship between these materials, in order to build forms that allude to the real, both in their totality as in its parts, as well as the evoked impressions that this reality can generate us.
In my art-work it can be seen a combination of techniques and a particular relationship, sometimes unexpected and improper, of materials constituents, all in an alleged coherence according to the “narrative” that each art works produces.