2016 –

Master student in Textile And Surfaces Design, Weissensee Acedemy of Art, Berlin/DE, Postgrade School.

2012 – 2014

Master In Visual Arts, University of Chile, Santiago/CL

2008 – 2007

Bachelor in Pedagogy in Arts, University Finis Terrae, Santiago/CL


Digital graphic diploma, Pontificie Catholic University, Santiago/CL

2004 – 2005

Bachelor in Visual Arts, University Finis Terrae, Santiago/CL


Seminars, Residencies and Awards


Künstlerhaus Bethanien Studio Program. Berlin, Germany, Berlin/DE


Workshop Casting and Plaster, BBK, Berlin/DE

2014 – 2015

Glogauair residency, Berlin/DE


1st Prize, Fobeju Contest


Honorable Mention Award, APECH Contest/CL


Annual residency Bloc.


Tutoring with the artist Rodrigo Canala.


Tutoring and workshop with the Argentinean artist Marcela Cabutti.

Seminar “Exploring the Mind” (conducted by the Dalai Lama along with other scientists).

Seminar “Analysis and reflection from the plastic work”.


Solo Exhibitions


“On weaving a basket”, Künstlerhaus Bethanien. Berlin, Germany.


“Vanishing Objects”, WHITECONCEPTS Gallery. Berlin/DE.


“Into the Ring”, Showcase GlougauAir residency. Berlin/DE.

“Twin infinitives” with Leonardo Casas. Madhaus Gallery.  Santiago/CL.

“Searching for Memory” with Rodrigo Goenaga. Balmaceda 1215 Gallery.  Santiago/CL.


“Details from Heavens and floors” for Fotoamerica Biennial, Cian Gallery. Santiago/CL.

“Blue and land”, Cian Gallery. Santiago/CL.


“From the root”, gallery of the Biblioteca de Santiago. Santiago/CL.


Group Exhibitions


Watch Your Bubble!. Interdisciplinary project between art and science. Kunstverein Nord Tiergarten. Berlin, Deutschland.

Open Studio_3. Künstlerhaus Bethanien. Berlin, Germany.Künstlerhaus Bethanien. Berlin, Deutschland.


Open Studio_1. Künstlerhaus Bethanien. Berlin, Germany. Berlin, Deutschland.

Open Studio_2. Künstlerhaus Bethanien. Berlin, Germany. Berlin, Deutschland.

“Raue Strömung”. Eigenheim Gallery Berlin, Germany.


“Embodiments“, Exhibition + Conferences, WHITECONCEPTS Gallery. Berlin/DE.

“Private Walls”, private house, Kreuzberg, Berlin/DE.


“Asamblea Constituyente”, Center for Art and Urbanistics, ZK/U. Berlín/DE.

“Fieber Festival”, ACUD. Berlin/DE.

“GlogauAir Open Studios”, GlogauAir, Berlin/DE.


“GlogauAir Open Studios”, GlogauAir, Berlin/DE.

“Angstrom” MAC (Contemporary Art Museum) of Valdivia. Valdivia, Chile.

“Call 2014” Luis Adelantado Gallery, Valencia, Spain.

“Angstrom”. D21 Gallery, Santiago/CL.


Exhibition Fobeju competition.” Jewish Cultural Centre, Santiago/CL.

“Exposition collective”. Monteolivetto Gallery, Paris/FR.

“Latin American Diversity Group exhibition” Building General José Artigas, Montevideo/UY.

Art3f art fair, represented by Galleria Monteoliveto, Promenade des Anglais. Nice/FR.

“Muses and angels” Engraving and Research Mexican Association, Coyoacan/MEX.

“Pop Digital”, Chilean Cultural Center for the Arts, Santiago/CL.

“In Violet Tones” Dreams Hotel, Puerto Varas/CL.


“Resistance Museum”, Gallery Daniel Morón, Santiago/CL.

“International Biennial”, Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires/ARG.

“Urgent Paradise” Resistance Museum Gallery Daniel Morón/CH.

“Pairs Project” Exhibition APECH, Artium Gallery, Santiago/CL.

“I Binational Visual Arts” Gallery VINATEA, Reinoso Arequipa/PE.

“In Violet Tones” Duoc Extension Center, Valparaiso/CL.

“Jewels of the Apocalypse”, Floating Gallery, Buenos Aires/ARG.

“MM 62-12”, 50ème anniversaire à l’artiste Marylin Monroe, Monteoliveto Galleria, Nice/FR.

“Exercise Workshop” CAC (Contemporary Architecture Centre), Santiago/CL

“Remembering Gonzalo Rojas” Guillermo Nuñez Gallery, Santiago/CL.

“Latin American Art” Casas de lo Matta Gallery, Santiago/CL.

“Copper Colors ” Codelco, Santiago/CL.

“Songs of Love and other passions of romantic origin vol II”, Lowenthal Gallery, Santiago/CL.


“From Fine Wine” SWT Gallery, Santiago/CL.

“Myths”, Fundaçao Memorial of Latin America, Sao Paulo/BR.

“International Yearbook Launch” Museum of Fine Arts San Martin, San Martin/ARG.

“Florence Biennale” 2011. Florence/IT.

“Latinamerican artist in NY” Jadite Gallery. New York/USA.

“Jewels of the Apocalypse” Lima/PE.

“Who knows where the time goes, Cian Gallery, Santiago/CL.

“Homage to Manuel Rojas”. APECH Gallery, Santiago/CL.

“ArtExpo art fair”, New York/USA.

“Yearbook” School of Law, Buenos Aires/ARG.

“Tribute to Roberto Matta,” Artium Gallery, Santiago/CL.

“Violet toned” Nemesio Antunez cultural Center, Santiago/CL.


“End of residence Bloc” Bloc, Santiago/CL.

“Second International Meeting in Ushuaia Art” Art and Maritime Museum, Ushuaia/ARG.

“Latin American Art for the Bicentennial” Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires/ARG.

“In Violet Tones”, Mapocho Station Cultural Center, Santiago/CL.

“Art from recycled materials” Anahuac cultural center, Santiago/CL.


“I am a tool.” for n200, artenlinea, Moto Gallery, Santiago/CL.

Art fair Dornbirn/AT.

“Theater am Kirchplat” Schaan, Monaco/ES.

“Write your story” foundation Pampero. Santiago/CL.


“Chapingo Biennial of Contemporary Art”, Chapingo Autonomous University, Chapingo/MEX.

“Contemporary Myths”, Santiago Library, Santiago/CL.


Intervention in the REMIXER exhibition of Francisco Papas Fritas with Plug’n, Gallery BECH, Santiago/CL.

“Ready, Set, Go” Cultural Center of Spain, Santiago/CL.

“No more nails” Tegualda space. Santiago/CL.

“Small Chile”, Gallery Ana Cortes, Santiago/CL.

“Selected artworks of extension courses”, Catholic University Extension Center. Santiago/CL.